Dave Jamming Out On You Tube

Groove Juice, Inc. was founded by David Stirewalt and incorporated in November 1996. Groove Juice is the original spray on rinse off cymbal cleaner. During the first year of business, the product was sold directly from David to music stores from the Carolinas to Florida.  From there, the product spread up the east coast and from Maryland over to Wisconsin by traveling drummers.


  • 1997- MBT International out of Charleston, SC took the product as a MBT exclusive product and began a nation wide campaign available to all USA distributors.

Modern Drummer Magizine

1998 – Rick Van Horn from Modern Drummer magazine reviewed the product in the March issue.  In the review, he stated “This is the easiest and most effective cymbal cleaner I have ever encountered.  In fact, it is so good and easy, it boarders on the line of unbelievable.  As far as I’m concern, it could be the best 9 bucks you would ever spend.”

Following the review by Rick Van Horn from Modern Drummer magazine the sales of Groove Juice had soared to be the number one selling accessory for drummers.

  • 1999- Groove Juice was introduced to Europe, Canada, and Asia.  Sticks magazine in Germany reviewed the product and said, “It was the best cymbal cleaner they have ever been introduced to.”   Groove Juice also introduced two new products this year, Groovin Glow a guitar polish and Shell Shine a drum shell polish.


Groove Juice remained an exclusive product with MBT International until August 2003.  Groove Juice was approached by Pat Brown, the Director of Sales and Marketing from ProMark Drum Stick Co. and was asked if we would like to do a licensing agreement with ProMark giving ProMark worldwide exclusive. Groove Juice signed this licensing agreement and kept this arrangement until 2007 in which this time the licensing agreement was terminated.
From 2007 to present, Groove Juice sells direct to major distributors worldwide.
The Music and Sounds Retailer magazine used to provide a survey of the Top Ten Products. During this time, Groove Juice enjoyed multiple appearances on their top ten product list.