hi Dave..!

I definitely want to talk to you. i have used groove juice with my drummer Glen Sobel on the Alice Cooper tour, currently using some Sabian polish they sent us as glen is a Sabian Endorsee.  I would love to talk to you about switching back to Groove Juice and setting Glen/Alice Cooper up as an endorsement for your product, it is my preferred polish.

Alice Cooper has a new record out on Universal, and single released. we are playing Jay Leno tomorrow night. currently in rehearsals with our new guitar player Orianthi and getting ready to start a new tour in New Zealand going to Australia and Europe for the next two months.

I work for several dummers but currently with Cooper.. you can see our itin at alicecooper.com and see what alice is up to.

Glen is currently endorsed by Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, DW Pedals and Hardware, Remo Heads, Regal Tip Sticks, the Kelly She Mic System and Tama Rhythm Watch Products.. he does clinics all over the world, etc.. if i can get your email address ill send you some info on him, his career has been rapidly steadily over the years.. or check


Watch Glen perform on the following links.

thanks again dave… you rock, we look forward to working with you

Michael Miller
Alice Cooper drum tech