Brett E.Miller, known as Brettdrumtech, owner of The Drum Zone, highly recommends Groove Juice and Groove Juice Stick Grip and all of their products). We at the The Drum Zone Create One of a Kind Custom, Hand Cut Cymbals and hand cut Cymbal Jewelry from broken,Cracked Cymbals, etc. and only use Groove juice for the Fabulous Shine it gives our Cymbals and jewelry. We use the Stick Grip on all of our sticks that we use for testing our Custom Cymbals. Nothing else out there compares to its Quality. Brettdrumtech is in semi-retirement, but still works daily in all aspects of the Drumming world, but now is dedicating most of his time to the Growth of the Drum Zone.- ” I was introduced to the Juice just about the time I started the Drum Zone, which was at the end of 2010 United in Rock Tour where I was Drum Tech for Mr. Jason Sutter, who did a fabulous job with Foreigner. I have been with Foreigner on and off since 2005, and before that i have been the Drumtech ( and still am) for the Incredible Chris Slade, ( AC/DC, the Firm, Asia, David Gilmore, and so many others). I have worked for some other pretty Great players also, like Jason Bonham, Jeff Kathan ( Paul Rodgers, etc), Lez Warner ( the Cult, Julian Lennon, etc), Terry Bozzio, Jimmy Lovgren, ( Contino Band, etc), Matt K. of Blue man Group, Brian Czach ( Mannheim Steamroller, etc) and have worked along side so many, many others.” Before using the Groove Juice Products, I tried other stuff but just didn’t make it for me,because i am a perfectionist when it come to how Drum Zone Products Look. I also use them on my personal kit and in my personal drumming world.-  I could go on and on about the Quality of all of the Groove Juice products, but I just recommend you go out and get some and just use it, you will agree with me and some of my fellow top Drumtech buddies that we know what we are talking about from Experience” ( I don’t get hired by top players for my snappy dressing,!!!)