Lisa FoerdererLisa Foerderer, aka Drummah Grrrl, has an impressive roster of music credits which have earned endorsements from amazing companies for her drumming skills.

Lisa has shared the stage with such bands as Puddle of Mudd, Buckcherry, Faster Pussycat, the Loudness, and members of Cypress Hill and The Strokes, to name a few.  She has also sat throne for Prentiss McNeil (The Drifters) and Judas Priestess. Lisa has been in a variety of calendars and advertisements, in addition to a few side projects, such as indie film “Aemorraghe” and the “Zombie Hunters” series.

When not pounding away on her skins, Lisa gets her adrenaline fixes from riding motorcycles, skydiving, parasailing, jet skiing, snowboarding, and anything else that may require a harness or a helmet! Lisa’s strides continue today as the beating force behind her band BLUE MOVIE aka BLACK FILM, continuing to staple her brand name as “Drummah Grrrl”.  


GARY MOFFATT playing out door live show in Dallas, Ga. Gary and his tech has used and depended on Groove Juice cymbal cleaner and Shell Shine drum polish since 1997.  Photo and graphic work by Atlanta’s own Darcy Schindler.


Groove Juice cymbal cleaner. All I can say is …UNBELIEVABLE! I know there are many other words. …..but I’m using that one to start. How does it work? I have been a drummer for ever. ….I have cleaned more cymbals and used more products than anyone. All the way back to something call cymbal rouge. Lol. I’ve used polishes. ….cleaners. …..buffers…..ancient Chinese secrets. …hah? This Groove Juice is superior to anything I have ever used. Even cleaned that haze/fog I told you about. And didn’t remove the Sabian logos. …even on all of my prototypes.  I will be talking this product up like I own it! The stick grip is already a winner… this just stole the trophy! The Shell cleaner is next. Thank you again for the products!

Gregg Potter with the Buddy Rich band

Javier Aponte live in concert

Groove Juice Inc.’s Javier Aponte in concert at the Ovidio De Jesus Stadium in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Many thanks to Javier for sharing this pic with us showing how Groove Juice keeps his TRX cymbals in like new condition..

Touring Drum Tech


Groove Juice is the ONLY cymbal and drum shell cleaner I will everuse on any
kit I’m working on. There is no better feeling than having an artist sit at
their drums and be pumped because they feel like they have brand new, shiny gear
every time they play. Simply the best out there.”

Eddie Meade drum tech with Steel Panther and Matt Nathanson

Groove Juice Inc. welcomes a endorsement from drum tech Eddie Meade. Eddie is the current drum tech for Steel Panther and Matt Nathanson.  The band that is selling out nearly all shows and crushing nightly.  Eddie began his journey as drum tech in 1998 and  has also been the tech for Arch Enemy for the past 10 years. Recently nominated for the 2015 Top Dog Award as drum technician. Eddie is honored to be on the ballet with the support of some amazing company.

Thomas Lang

Groove Juice Inc. proudly welcomes multi award winning Thomas Lang to the Groove Juice family. Thomas is a native of Vienna / Austria and began his drumming career at the age of 5.  His performing credits include Paul Gilbert, Glenn Hughes ( Deep Purple), Tina Turner, Robin Williams, Kelly Clarkson and many more. Thomas has also worked as a solo artist with his release of “Mediator” in 1995 that topped the charts in Europe and garnered rave reviews for it’s innovation Jazz / Dance / ProgRock sound.  He has since released multiple solo albums.  Thomas is a founding member of the Los Angeles-based progressive/avant garde metal band, StOrk.  Thomas has received recognition from the worlds top drum magazine for his skills on the drum kit. Beginning in 1999-2001 voted as best studio drummer ( Rhythm magazine ) 2005- Best Pop Drummer, Best Clinician, Best Solo Drum Performance ( Rhythm magazine ) Best DVD, Best all around drummer, Best drum event. ( Drummer magazine ) Best Drum Clinician 2007 ( Modern Drummer) Best Drum Clinician 2008 from both ( Modern Drummer and DRUM magazine ) Plus many more.

Groove Juice Inc. would like to welcome Nick Tarkowski to the Groove Juice family. Nick is a drum and guitar technician based in San Jose, CA. He runs a company called Global Tour & Tech services, offering tour support on all levels of bands including world wide touring. Nick is also the drummer for Southern Californias band Faith & Bullets. He has been playing drums since a child sighting Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, and Scott Rockenfield as influences.  Nick has a long list of musical credits starting with his current position with Y&T (Drum Tech) other credits include..
The Hardway (Guitar and Drum Tech),  Rockers Against Trafficking ((Stage manager)),
Chris BroderickMegadeth“,  Dave Lombardo “Slayer“,  Robert DeLeo “Stone Temple Pilots”,  Keith St. John “Montrose,  Burning Rain,  Randy Piper “W.A.S.P,  Rik Fox “W.A.S.P,  Steeler,  SIN,  Chris Moore “Endangered Species”

Paul Bassett with KISS gives his thoughts and results on Groove Juice Shell Shine.

Last minute preparation before show time.