Groove Juice cymbal cleaner. All I can say is …UNBELIEVABLE! I know there are many other words. …..but I’m using that one to start. How does it work? I have been a drummer for ever. ….I have cleaned more cymbals and used more products than anyone. All the way back to something call cymbal rouge. Lol. I’ve used polishes. ….cleaners. …..buffers…..ancient Chinese secrets. …hah? This Groove¬†Juice is superior to anything I have ever used. Even cleaned that haze/fog I told you about. And didn’t remove the Sabian logos. …even on all of my prototypes.¬† I will be talking this product up like I own it! The stick grip is already a winner… this just stole the trophy! The Shell cleaner is next. Thank you again for the products!

Gregg Potter with the Buddy Rich band