“On tour with Alice Cooper during one of the hottest summers ever meant outdoor stages of 100 degrees and more. I lost a few pounds in sweat, but never lost a stick.” Jonathan Mover is an American drummer who has worked with a number of artists including Aretha Franklin, Fuel, Alice Cooper, Shakira, Julian Lennon, GTR, Everlast, The Tubes, Mick Jagger, Steve Howe, Peter Frampton, Oleander, Celine Dion, Elton John, Stuart Hamm, They Might Be Giants, Frank Gambale, Mike Oldfield, Steve Hackett, Marillion, Beastie Boys, Joe Satriani, Derek Sherinian, Joe Lynn Turner, Dave Koz, Jan Hammer and others. He was raised in the Boston area and began playing drums at age thirteen. He covers rock, soul, R&B, heavy metal, jazz fusion, funk, punk, rap, hip hop and pop. As an engineer and/or producer, Mover has worked with Shakira, Flo Rida, Brett Scallions, Rick Ross, Fuel, Carnival Divine and French guitar virtuoso Rudy Roberts among others, as well as being the engineer and sound editor on Loose Change 9/11: