Groove Juice Inc. would like to welcome Nick Tarkowski to the Groove Juice family. Nick is a drum and guitar technician based in San Jose, CA. He runs a company called Global Tour & Tech services, offering tour support on all levels of bands including world wide touring. Nick is also the drummer for Southern Californias band Faith & Bullets. He has been playing drums since a child sighting Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, and Scott Rockenfield as influences.  Nick has a long list of musical credits starting with his current position with Y&T (Drum Tech) other credits include..
The Hardway (Guitar and Drum Tech),  Rockers Against Trafficking ((Stage manager)),
Chris BroderickMegadeth“,  Dave Lombardo “Slayer“,  Robert DeLeo “Stone Temple Pilots”,  Keith St. John “Montrose,  Burning Rain,  Randy Piper “W.A.S.P,  Rik Fox “W.A.S.P,  Steeler,  SIN,  Chris Moore “Endangered Species”