Rick BrothersHey Dave!
When my buddy Ken Slucher gave me a can of the drum stick grip I never knew I would become addicted to it! It has truly helped me! I haven’t gotten blisters and haven’t had to wear gloves (which I hate to do) since I found your product. We play over 200 shows a year and my hands never get a chance to heal from the blisters and calluses that form from the frequency of playing. Ever since I’ve found your stick grip I haven’t had one blister nor have I used a glove! This is the most excited I’ve been about a product in a long time. You definitely have a winner here and I will spread the word to every drummer I know!
Whether you are a beginner or a pro this would definitely help your grip!
Thanks man for the wonderful product. Now we just have to get the word
out…1 can at a time!
Look forward to hearing back from you. I’m going to need some very soon! God bless buddy and I wish you well.

Rick Brothers